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Posted By: Sweetlikevanessa posted in:
Calgary Canada · 8 months ago
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I am currently striving to build a cushioned savings account so that I may attend college, buy a more reliable vehicle and overall have a higher quality of life :) help a girl out please and thankyou!
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Lyme Disease Fighter
Hi there my name is Jaya and I have been suffering from lyme disease for 4 years now. I have spent well over 25 thousand in treatment and was misdiagnosed 3 times. finally I have a full diagnosis of chronic Lyme disease. in this last for years I have chronic vertigo and have issues breathing, walking, brain frog, muscle weakness, anxiety and a BUNCH of neurological problems I don't know where to start. as you will know no treatment is covered! so I am asking for money to help get my life back! and be the active young lady I am! in Toronto Canada
i don't want to come on here and write a story that tries to make you feel bad for me or makes you feel pity. I want you to read my profile and be amazed at everything I have accomplished and how far i have come from a very bad beginning. life is not fair, everyone knows this, it takes courage and a great sense of humor to make it thru with your sanity intact. ive been bullied and beaten, abused and taken advantage of, but I look at it as, if I never had those experiences I wouldn't be the strong independent woman I am today. I'm writing this campaign because sometimes people need a little help, and there's no shame in admitting it. I am a single mother who is unable to work because I suffer from PTSD, but I refuse to let that stop me. I am trying to start my own business where I can work from home, I don't want to be on disability, I want to be able to be proud that I can support my self and my business idea is designing T-shirts and selling them, i also paint clocks and wall hangings. I find being creative is a release from my trama, so why not use it for something positive. The money i make will go towards my starting inventory (materials and such) and start-up costs (business license and so on). Thank you in advance for your support and i know one day i will be able to look my son in his eyes and have him say he is proud of me for not giving up!! in Niagara Falls Canada
Need down payment for a place.
I live in a very expensive city and am looking to secure a safe space in a big city to learn and grow in. in Canada
Help me with rent
I lost my job and I am struggling to pay rent. I'm trying to have enough for 3 months till I can hopefully get back on my feet. I'm also in school so every penny counts xoxo, -Bea in Canada
But a house & pay bills
Looking to buy a house, preferably without having to get a mortgage. I also have current bills that need paid, so that would come first in Canada
Need help paying off my debt
I am a broke college student in police foundations. I lost both my parents when I was 13 and have been on my own since 18. I racked up some debt from school and really need help getting rid of it. Any help is so appreciated. Thank you thank you thank you in Toronto Canada
Miriam Nicole. 26. Canada in Canada
Miriam Nicole. 26. Canada
I am furthering my education, modelling, would love to pay off my student loans and open my own Spa / Salon or continue with Culinary School. I can't afford new clothes, shoes and new phone. It may be simple and easy to some but when someone gives or offers you assistance personally it'll only make me treasure it that much more: as cheesy as it may sound. in Canada
need funding for school and rent
really need help financially with paying for business school and paying rent. I can't find a good job anywhere and very stressed out. please help me. in Canada
Help me out ;)
I'm crowdfunding because I've been sick for a little over a year. It's been really hard to keep a job because I just wake up so sick, and end up not making it in. And obviously no employer wants to deal with that. My doctor's aren't quite sure what's wrong with me, I have quite a few health problems as it is so with everything it just makes it impossible to keep a job up. Anything helps, and thank you! It is so appreciated! in Regina Canada
30th year adventures
I'm not poor, but my money goes to bills and my kids. I just want to be able to enjoy this year as it is a significant one in Toronto Canada
Fund this ass.
I'm not going to try to convince you to give me your money, it's totally up to you if you decide to or not. If you don't, you don't, but if you do, I thank you very much. 🙂 Xx in Canada
Buy me food
if you donate to me I might send you a video of me eating in Toronto Canada
Nothing in particular i wanna buy. I just want you to spoil me.
I shouldn't have to spend my own money, while yours could just be spent on me. in Canada
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