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Posted By: LovelySugarBabii posted in: Spoilme
Nj United States · 1 year ago
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I'm 21, sweet and loving . I can be all yours with a little donation. I'm beautiful and I'll share my beauty with you. Just donate and we have a deal.
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Help me create my MODELING EMPIRE!
I am just finishing my Master's degree and and flew back to the US from Ireland to take care of my mom who went into hospice and sadly she passed away just a couple months ago. I decided when she died that I was going to live my life as best I could and I decided to start building my own Modeling Empire =) I started a business at the beginning of the year and opened a modeling agency website that focuses on proportion rather than waist size. Id rather see a healthy big girl who is proportioned right than a size neg 0 who looks like wind will knock her over. I did professional modeling for years so I am very well aware of what turns people on ;) Honestly, I think I am giving the best of both worlds. Women can empower themselves without having to act like a crazy feminist and use their bodies the way THEY want to and I am giving men whatever fantasy they want while encouraging better beauty standards. What could be better than that?!?!?! I am halfway to my goal. I have the websites and servers already up and going and the mobile app is currently in development. I just need to raise the rest of the money to pay the developers and the first weeks of advertising the new sites to get them out there. So, .......... * Bats her gorgeous green eyes*.... Would you donate to an amazing cause?? *Wink* hehehe Part of the money received from this crowd funding website will be going to the June E. Nylon Cancer Center in Iowa where my mother passed away from her fight with cancer. My mother was a model when she was younger and loved it until the pressure of size was too much for her. I just thought it would be nice to honor her memory and carry on something that she loved doing. I hope you like my business plan and are able to contribute something to it! Thanks so much! Jenna in New York City United States
Buy me lingerie, see me in it ;)
I need $$$$ for makeup, clothes, lingerie, and rent. Send me money and get some pics ;) in United States
I pray for one of my wishes to be answered..something has gotta give
Im wild outgoing spontaneous but im in diar need for a miracle.. Im one of the most giving, loyal, compassionate people..but i swear I've always given a helping hand but when I'm struggling no one around...i need a miracle my car keeps breaking down after i learned how to install a clutch took forever ..i need funds to get myself out of situation where im always just slaving for someone else while my needs aren't being met and im stuck stagnant not going anywhere i deserve to be free. I pray that doors eventually open for me i deserve good things in Portland United States
Money Emergency for Food and Rent
Going thru a little rough patch. Anxiety can mess up one's life. Help me finish this month with a roof over my head and food on the table. Thanks! in Spring, Texas United States
Help pay off my Debt
I left my abusive (now ex) husband, yay! In the process I accumulated a decent amount of debt, between legal fees and moving expenses to get me and my girls away from him, not so yay :( in United States
I fucking love money! in Johnson City United States
Transportation to school
I am currently in college but I take a 2hour and 45minute bus commute ONE WAY. College is hard enough on my brain, let alone taking round trips on the bus everyday. PLEASE HELP ME. in Fort Myers United States
Help me get makeup!!
I want to look better and I can't afford any Jeffree Star. in United States
Transsexual Surgery Fund
Hi my name is Jazzy, ever since i can remember i have felt like a girl on the inside. I feel incomplete in my transition and the costs for surgery are expensive for a college student. Im looking to make myself whole, to be my authentic self. Please help me make my dreams a reality. in Santa Rosa United States
I got scammed by a fake sugar daddy now I’m in debt with the 🏦
I was trying to be a sugar baby and got scammed now I owe the bank 2,000 for trusting the wrong person but I learned the hard way in United States
Macbook for College
I'm an orphan with nothing to show but a pretty face. I work two jobs on top of being a full-time college student. in Burlington United States
I’m just a girl who needs help paying for school! Any help is highly appreciated 🥺 in United States
tooth recently broke and hospital bills
Well I moved out of my adoptive parents home at 17 but they passed so I don't have family to help. My work place keeps closing due to snow storms so I haven't been able to work for 2 weeks and the apartment I was supposed to move into in two weeks caught on fire . I keep getting sick but I don't have enough money to go into the doctor to refill my prescriptions so I just need help before I buckle under this stress in United States
Credit Card Bill
I am a fulltime student who also works part time. I am working towards paying off my credit card debt while getting good grades at school but it is difficult to work enough hours while also maintaining good grades. If I can get any help towards this goal I would be very grateful. in United States
Looking for a filthy pig to spoil me
Spoil me in Dallas United States
New car
I work hard with schoool & work I deserve it ✨ in Los Angeles United States
I need & want to get financially, physically, & emotionally stable. So I can have nicer & better things. Also to achieve my goals. in Addison United States
Divorcing this asshole
I’ve been trying to divorce and be back on the market! Help me! in El Monte United States
Car Starter + Labor
Hey big boy 💕 I’m on leave at work due to my starter messing up and would love some help fixing that. Need a car to make money so I won’t have to bother you again 🥺 a favor for a favor? in Manhattan United States
Miami Breast Augmentation
A sweet young woman that is ambitious & loving. My whole life I have been dreaming about getting a breast augmentation to help boost my confidence. I’ve done it all from push up bras to stuffing my bra. If only I could have the money to get the surgery it will make me the happiest woman in the world and I would break down in tears honestly . I have a small waist and a big bum but the only thing holding me back in the bedroom is my small B cup boobs. Please help me become a graceful bimbo in Los Angeles United States
Help Pay My Loans
I need help paying my school debts so I can continue my education and complete my degrees to become a child psychologist. in Riverside United States
Hey guys 😘😘😘❤️❤️❤️Nica/ Egyptian baddie here in YONKERS looking for generous up scale men who like an intellectual bad girl with bad girl ways.. Im a natural beauty standing at 5'6, curvy, soft smooth golden caramel skin complexion with a smile that will blow your mind! 😘 in United States
Help me through nursing school
Invest in me, help me through my education in nursing school. I need your support otherwise I will never be able to fulfil my dreams and aspirations. You are the only one that can help me in United States
Goddess Needs a new car
It's pretty self exploratory. Mommy needs a new car because her's is shit, and I deserve it. in United States
I've lost weight and have extra skin I'd love to have removed and a few minor things "fixed" while I'm at it that insurance doesn't cover. I just want to look better with less clothes on... in United States
Show me the $
The engine in my car went out and I'm in desperate need of a new vehicle ASAP. I'm not able to get to work now and my job isn't on the bus line. I need a generous stroke of LUCK like right now. in Cleveland United States
Help me clear my international student fees!!
I am a hardworker and always have at least 3 jobs, despite a looming lot of deadlines of my international MsC. degree. My lovely parents spent all their money on themselves andU wish I has a Fairy God daDDY tohelp me blossom into the wild and precocious wildfire I was always meant to dazzle as. I want to be the 2nd doctor in mt family but I cann0t even afford MSC. ..PLEASE LET ME GRACE YOUR SCREENS SOON AS YOUR SUPER 14 CONCUSSION SPECIALIST. in Cape Town United States
I have been trying to open up my own skincare line for what seems like ages. I'm almost there I just need one of you big hearted hunks to help support my dreams. in United States
I like nice things, so hand me your wallet
I want to get my first mani pedi & share the experience with a friend on your dollar. in Brisbane United States
Help pay my rent
Financially going thru some hard times could really use the money im going to lose my spot if i dont pay it by the end of the month and dont want to do that i dont have any family members to help me please help me! in United States
Let me control you and your wallet
Help me buy the things I want. in Kansas United States
I want my nails done
I just want to look even better for you. Think of how good they’d look on me touching everything. Wrapped around whatever I may grab of yours lol in Jacksonville United States
Savings account
I am currently striving to build a cushioned savings account so that I may attend college, buy a more reliable vehicle and overall have a higher quality of life :) help a girl out please and thankyou! in Calgary United States
I want bigger Boobs!
Always wanted my boobs to be even more perfect, lucky you to be able to fund them ;) in United States
Please help me quit my 9-5 to pursue my passion
I'm not like the typical girls you see on here. I am an artist, entrepreneur and intelligent enough to provide value in a conversation. As a freelancer, it is hard to build a steady income and create at the same time. I want to be able to quit my job in order to pursue my passion, but every time that I did in the past, I had to go right back to work in order to put a roof over my head. I am not looking to be spoiled with gifts or pampered. I am looking for a genuine connection with someone who is willing to invest in me so that I can invest in my career. in New York United States
I get by with a lil help from my friends
All of my life I've been a fighter, a survivor and in my opinion a force to be reckoned with mentally, intellectually, spiritually, etc. My stubbornness and willful nature can make or break me at times. All the craziness I've endured has shown me that the world can be a sad sick and sadistic place but i will never accept that fate or defeat as my own. I want to experience all the lovely things life has to offer but I've been too afraid to check anything out. I wish i could feel free at ease curious and supporyed. i want to be happy and be able to be me/myself. I hope for self love, self care and self confidence for myself and want to be proud of myself and my self improvement. i want to do better, be better, get better, and feel better. someday I hope to succeed in surviving and thriving self sufficiently and doing so in a graceful gracious grateful way. I am proud to say that no matter what I never succumbed to life's demands or craziness. i always persevere outshine, and overcome. I want to keep on keeping on trying to feel "grounded", content and at ease. It's important to always be down to earth and and to be grateful no matter what... Cuz even though I've been to hell and back I never have and never would want my life to end or to surrender my sense of self or self worth. The truth can set you free... Funding would set me free... From captors that are keeping me from me. in Seattle United States
New ride/ new titties
I am an independent woman who is always on the go. I have many clients, business opportunities and personal engagements everyday and am unable to take public transportation to these events. My reputation and appearance are very important and require a level of remain the QUEEN that I am. titties are something new that I am desiring. I want more fullness, but do not want to look like a fake girl. I want to remain authentic and keep almost everything natural! ;-) As with your reputation and image......anonyumity and discretion are of the utmost importance. I will NEVER reveal your sick little needs and I expect you to help me without complaint or any verbage really whatsoever. in United States
Make me the happiest girl in the world
It’s my birthday soon and i would love if y’all donated because it would make my heart dwell 🥰 in New York United States
Hello pay momma's rent
I'm a single mom of two kids I get no child support. I do it all on my own. but Christmas broke me so now I'm short on rent in United States
Obtaining Them DDreams I really DDesire.
Hey babes, Thanks for clicking on my link and showing me some love. The main goal of this crowdfunding page is for me to obtain those DDreams I’ve been wanting so bad!! When I say “DDreams”, I mostly just mean some nice perky fat double D’s. :) I’m not going to give a major sob story or tell you my life story on why I want the surgery done. I will tell you THIS, I promise you wont regret helping !! Most of you already know but I’m a Mommy , student and (sadly) can’t make the dream reachable just yet!! So, looking for some extra help!! Every bit of help is so appreciated and to say thank you make sure once you donate to send me a kik @iberiangoddess with a screenshot of your donation —- this will land you a VERY special surprise!! Remember!! Find me on twitter, hepays & teasefun @ iberiangoddess Xoxoxox in Riverside United States
Help me get through uni
I’m wishing to finish my third year at uni ❤️ in Cambridge United States
sorority cost
Hi i'm a college girl who just wants to afford to rush for sororities this spring in Los Angeles United States
Fund me
Lost a lot of weight now i need new clothes. Size 18 to a size 11. Nothing fits right but my money goes to bills and my kids. Please help a milf out. in Maryland United States
my rent
so since i’m so wrapped up in school and other shut i am in need of some extra help. so please be generous 😘 in Raleigh United States
Buy me a new phone
I really need a new phone, this one's dying. Fund this baby 😇💲💵 in United States
Just a little taste test
I try to work so hard for what I want but bills take over my life! A little something will help me in the long run and I would high appreciate it! in United States
Spoil Aphrodite2Lips
Spoil ME and it will come back to YOU tenfold! xx in United States
Get me mobile again!
I am in need of a car! Help a girl out just cause you know sending me the $$ will get me off. in United States
Help me get my one-year old daughter and i out of a domestic violence shelter
My one-year old daughter and I are being hunted and I'm trying to get out of this domestic violence shelter. in United States
I'm a single mom of 2 girls ages 3 and 6, I just got let go from my job due to slow business -_- Christmas is right around the corner. That's just my luck.... if anything this is isnt hurting anything so why not post this. Any help would be appreciated more than you think. Thanks. in United States
Sexy Cover Model Of The Year
Hey loves! I need your help! I’m a single mother of 2 as well as a freelance model. I’m currently unemployed due to a car accident 9 months ago and have yet to find a job that’s schedule caters to my treatment from the bulging disks in my back. I’ve recently been given somewhat good news that I’ve been chosen as model of the year for a magazine I’ve been in. So I’m expected to orchestrate and pay for a super sexy photoshoot for the magazine to publish. With that being said I do not have the funds to pay for the photographer, make up artist, outfit, studio time etc. in United States
Help Me Get Outta Here!!!
I’ve recently got out of a toxic and very abusive relationship!!! I’m ready to start my life over, so I’m raising money to be able to move back home where I can be closer to family. What I raise will enable me to get a plane ticket and also put money down for place once I get there. in Richmond United States
I am currently struggling to pay my rent I have a son and I don’t want to end up on homeless in United States
Pay for my Vegas trip!
First time going to sin city. Pay for me to get trashed and have a blast! in Austin United States
Two Domme Besties Try to Meet Up
I’ve been best friends with this woman for almost 8 years. We’re dying to finally meet. I’ve got vacation time coming up in August and want to drive to meet her. This is to cover my fuel and the hotel for my week long stay. in A City United States
This a platform try to raised fund for the orphan around and within , your donation really count and you get the privilege to also be carried along as it all goes in New Jersey United States
Studio time!
Trying to create some music to my recent songs and need to hire a producer and rent out a studio! Would love to create an EP before the year ends <3 in Los Angeles United States
Studio time!
Trying to create some music to my recent songs and need to hire a producer and rent out a studio! Would love to create an EP before the year ends <3 in Los Angeles United States
I want my nails and feet done
Don’t you wanna see my pretty hands and feet in Charlotte United States
Help paying rent
Please help I have no one to go to I’m Desperate in Charlotte United States
College funds
I would like this money to help with my college tuition and anything would help for me and my family in United States
Girls weekend shopping spree!
I will be on a girls weekend with a few of my besties. I want my shopping completely sub funded. After all, it is YOUR job to pay for anything I want. in Morton United States
Studio time!
Trying to put all of my lyrics I have worked so hard on to good use, and ultimately produce an album! Just need to be able to fund that project while also paying my bills and rent every month! Anything helps <3 in Los Angeles United States
Fund my rent expenses
IAM an American student and my tuition fees are really high . Please help me at least with the rent . I would be more than grateful in Berlin United States
Tribute to your Goddess
Give me a tribute that I deserve, make me happy and fulfill my desires. This goddess deserves the best of this world, and you will make that happen in Los Angeles United States
I need help I’m having financial problems in Augusta United States
Help me pay my rent
I have been robbed by some lowlife scumbag and now have no money for my rent! i have 3 kids and a dog and I don't want to be homeless with them or worse, lose them! Please please pretty please help me? I'll be your friend forever!! in United States
You give, I give
I need help getting by, Show me how much you want to help me in Palm Springs United States
Pay for My Medi/Pedi
I need a spa day! Donate so I can get my feet massaged and my toes and nails painted. Help me relax this weekend. in Atlanta United States
Fund My Trip to Japan
It's always been my dream to vacation in Japan. I'm a bit of an otaku and would love anyone who can help me reach my goal! I'll happily spoil you with pictures of my adventure there. in Atlanta United States
Fund My Trip to Japan
It's always been my dream to vacation in Japan. I'm a bit of an otaku and would love anyone who can help me reach my goal! I'll happily spoil you with pictures of my adventure there. in Atlanta United States
Spoil me and obey
Single goddess of two. Looking for a loyal and obedient paypig to make me happy and I make them happy in return. Send tributes for me to notice you and maybe be my paypig/slave. in Tampa United States
Need gas and groceries!!
This hot queen has been taking time off work recently and is in desperate need!🖤🖤 in Inwood United States
domain name for website
I want to be able to set up my own free web cam site but I need a domain name- that's where you come in! hurry and you can see me online sooner! in United States
Need a new gaming computer
Hello dears. I need a new gaming computer. I'm a streamer that's trying to make it big, but my current computer is well a potato. I work a lot of demanding hours, but can't seem to get a head. Why don't you help this little ole gal out and make her birthday wish this year come true. It's coming up. in Fairmont United States
Money for my own apartment
Because I’m a dominating sexy 21 year old who wants freedom to live on her own so I can do whatever I want hehe in Carbondale United States
Need spoiling
I'm 21, sweet and loving . I can be all yours with a little donation. I'm beautiful and I'll share my beauty with you. Just donate and we have a deal. in Nj United States
Paying for school
I'm a college student and I need help paying for school. Working don't help so I'm looking for lovely people to help fund my school. in Nj United States
Spoil Me
You know it makes you feel good draining your wallet into my bank account. What are you waiting for? in Crescent City United States
Repair my cracked phone screen
My phone screen was damaged while at work in Crescent City United States
I'm hoping you fine men can help me raise some Money to support me. I am inspiring to be an Adult Model and I think I have what it takes to become one. All I ask is that you contribute as little as you can and help me reach my goal. in United States
Paying off the rest of much medical debt
I’m in medical debt from life-saving heart surgery in United States
Christmas Money
Everyone who gives $5 or more gets a special gift from me in United States
Want a Brazilian butt lift
I have a flat butt, I want to be able to have confidence in myself. in United States
Friday Night Play Money
Please contribute to my Friday night fun! It would be greatly appreciated! This mama needs some fun. in Portland United States
Oh, just spoil me, already!
I know you'd love to help pay my bills and let me buy myself lavish things. You get to feel powerful and in control because you're paying for everything I do and I get to feel powerful and in control because I'm using you for money. It's a win - win! in Portland United States
All new clothes
You know you want to pamper me in Snellville United States
Bc you love to spoil me
Im a good girl & I deserve it in Texas United States
For Birthday Presents
Hello, there! Thank you for stopping by. I would like to start my campaign by whining profusely. The anniversary of the day of my birth starts at midnight. There are a couple of things I want this year. I won't be getting them because of a financially crappy year. It's going to be a quiet birthday. I'd rather it not be. I wanna kick it up from a zero to a 10. I deserve a damn good birthday. I wanna play, be stupid, get a tattoo, NOT WORRY ABOUT PAYING BILLS, buy a fancy purse, get waxed or just get out and get drunk. I wanna play (whining again. Stomping on the ground whining. This is serious business). Your monetary help would mean the world. This is certainly nothing I need but something I really want. Help spoil me! Thank you in advance! in Portland United States
new bed comforter
really need a new bed covcer4 its getting cold now in Los Angeles United States
inneed of financial help badly please
need all financial help i could get from all my gentleman on this website anything can help in Miramar United States
Clear my debt so I can live happy
I have so much debt that needs to be paid from this last year. I need to get rid of it so I can move on with my life happily and enjoy myself! I'm too young to be so stressed. Help me pay my debt so I can enjoy my life again! in Boston United States
A new laptop for school
I'm smart already but I want to be smarter lol donate today and maybe you will get a surprise in Snellville United States
Pay a Princess' rent
I have to pay rent next week. And I have been working but I deserve for someone else to help pay it. So send it over and help a sweet Princess out. in Las Vegas United States
Tough times call for desperate measures..
I have been paying on these student loans for 10 years & I am nowhere close to paying them off... in fact they are in default.. if I come up with this money I can buy them out... I’ve already paid 35k, but they Don’t care.... they want blood.. they don’t care if I eat or if I can pay my medical bills, or me electric...Please help me.. I don’t want to live on the streets again. And I’m tired of robbing Peter to pay Paul in Youngstown United States
Student loan buyout & financial assistance
I have been paying on these student loans for 10 years & I am nowhere close to paying them off... in fact they are in default.. if I come up with this money I can buy them out... I’ve already paid 35k, but the Don’t care.... they want blood.. they don’t care if I eat or if I can pay my bills. Please help me.. I don’t want to live on the streets again. in Youngstown United States
Dominant Woman who knows how to manipulate and use weak, obsessed men for My own benefit and pleasure. Most of you will have found Me elsewhere and come here just to donate. All of My pet finsubs have specific tasks (coffeeslave, footbitch, errand boy etc) and My rent is typically just paid with the leftover. But its crystal clear to anyone with a brain that any leftover 💵 from My dedicated pets should go to My savings 💰 My pets have earned the privilege to feel such joy knowing they have helped to secure My future. That means I will begenerously allowing the public to reimburse My rent ($750 a month x 12 months) 💋 you're welcome xoxo in United States
Buy My MacBook
I’m a film student and a large part of what I do involved Mac software. Buy me a new laptop so I can be the best at what I do. in United States
New car and vacation!
I want a newer better car and to go on vacation I work way to hard . Come on and donate ! in Snellville United States
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