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Posted By: MistressMel posted in:
Fairmont United States · 1 year ago
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Hello dears. I need a new gaming computer. I'm a streamer that's trying to make it big, but my current computer is well a potato. I work a lot of demanding hours, but can't seem to get a head. Why don't you help this little ole gal out and make her birthday wish this year come true. It's coming up.
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My current roommates disapprove of my cam girl job. I want a place that I can call my own. I want to live out my wildest fantasies in Beverly Hills, California. I want to be able to have my own space so I can place a stripper pole in the living room. I want to be able to have my own place to film for my Only Fans. I love to do live steams and I am a very loud lady. Please help me find my own place so I can give the people what they desire. This should cover rent and utilities for a year. Thank you babes xoxox in Los Angeles United States
On my other campaign I realized I messed up on the fund goal. I am a young girl from Los Angeles. I have always wanted a breast lift. I have huge knockers but gravity hasn’t been the kindest to me over the years. Along with a perky new set of breasts I am also asking for a Brazilian Butt Lift. I have always been curvy in the hips but a bit more would boost my confidence immensely. I want to have a complete body transformation. I am already hot but with these procedures I will feel so much more confident. in Los Angeles United States
Build a BIMBO!
I am a young girl from Los Angeles. I have always wanted a breast lift. I have huge knockers but gravity hasn’t been the kindest to me over the years. Along with a perky new set of breasts I am also asking for a Brazilian Butt Lift. I have always been curvy in the hips but a bit more would boost my confidence immensely. I want to have a complete body transformation. I am already hot but with these procedures I will feel so much more confident. in Los Angeles United States
Birthday Vacation
My birthday is coming up and I desperately need to relax on the beach. With your donations I will spoil myself on vacation and do nothing but lay on the beach topless sipping pina coladas. Don't you want to be a part of my happiness? in United States
Help me reunite with my sisters after years apart!
This money will help me afford the plane ticket from where I’m currently deployed (I’m in the U.S. military) to Hawaii (where my older sister lives). I’m currently broke from paying off student loans, but would really love to be able to see the only family I have this Christmas. in United States
Jobless, pay rent!
With this pandemic going on. I’ve been laid off, I’m 22, just moved out on my own for the first time. Got out of my abusive fathers house. And now I’m struggling to pay rent. I could really use some help. Please. Anything will help. I don’t want to have to move back in with him. Please. I’ll do anything. in United States
Let’s get some piercings
Help me get the body I want by adding metal and potentially more ink on my body. If you find tattoos and piercings, help me. I also want my pussy pierced... come on you know you want to see 😘😘 in United States
I am trying to escape my crazy ex. He pulled a shotgun out on me two weeks ago and want to leave the state. in United States
I have two beautiful girls and need help leaving an abusive relationship. in United States
Please help me pay my rent, daddy (😥
I was dishonored by my parents and now because of the Quarantine I lost my job as a waitress in a local restaurant, I have no one to turn to :" in 허술학 United States
Help me for my surgery
Yes I know I’m pretty and much man wants me but I want a bodyshaping surgery. It‘s my dream because I don't feel comfortable. I've tried a lot of diets and sports but that doesn't work, so I absolutely want a surgery this is my biggest wish. Please support me in United States
Need to find a new apartment
Due to what's going on globally at the moment my living situation has become complicated, would just be some help in paying rent and helping me out at this time. in Orlando United States
paying for my everyday needs
i’m in school and bills are piling high for my apartment and i can’t keep up. find it in the kindness of your heart to help me get back on my feet in Tampa United States
school & my car
trying to finish up school & my student debts are starting to sink in, my car just recently broke down & needs to be fixed. Anything helps ❤️ in Roanoke United States
Get me out of this toxic environment.
I've lived in an unstable, chaotic environment most of my life. I had to come back here due to financial reasoning, but since coming back things have gotten significantly worse than from my childhood. This has hindered my creative abilities and is detrimental to my mental health. I need a safe, peaceful place to make beautiful art. in Lancaster United States
Help me pay rent, please
Living in a two bedroom apartment with my grandmother and our rent is coming up..I have been having a hard time with this situation because I'm petrified of leaving the house and possibly carrying and spreading this virus to my grandma..please help and kik me so I can thank you (mvprincess1298) in Babylon United States
help me pay for textbooks :)
i can barely afford my college tuition and textbooks are so expensive, anything will help :) also, my venmo is: valarie-dao-4 in United States
Help Me Move!!
I’ve been living in a toxic household with my parents for too many years and I can’t do it anymore. Help me raise money so I can move out and live the life style of my dreams in Austin United States
Help a tatted babe out with her rent
Hello there boys. I'm a hot tatted domme a little down on her luck. Be a good cuck and cover my boyfriend and my rent this month so I can still afford to eat! in United States
help this honey fund her small business
I know how to dream, but I have a hard time helping those dreams come true on my own. I want to start a small business and inspire my siblings to do the same someday. I’d like to come up with a small beauty brand, and serve to uplift other women and girls that have yet to realize their true power as strong and ethereal beings. Isn’t that what being a woman is all about? in Chicago United States
I am a full-time nursing student who was, formerly, employed at a call-center but due to COVID-19, I am out of work for who knows how long. I have to try and make rent and utilities for the next coming months, as well as two card payments, my car note and insurance. If you could find it in your hearts to spare anything for someone in need, I would greatly appreciate it. I never anticipated I would be in such an unfortunate situation. in United States
need new toys and cute room
I work extremely hard but would love the extra help. I always make my customers happy! in Lakeland United States
Get Back on My Feet
This is my last resort. I never ask for help but I’m now on my knees begging. I’m having to start life over after moving 1500 miles back in with my parents and then having to deal with an illness that took years of my life to diagnose, treat, have surgery and still battling it. Had to junk my car within that time and working my ass off but still not making enough to save. I’ve lost everything...Please help me start my life again. in United States
Help me pay bills!
I need help paying a little bit of my bills, it’s urgent in United States
Help with my tuition
I'm a struggling college girl who just needs a little help from some nice guys! in Clearwater United States
A home for me and my daughter
Well I'm a 25 year old single mother who is out here homless sleeping in her truck. I got to school full time, i work full time and manage to raise a 3 year old lol so I'm just asking for a little help for us the last family i had passed in october so it left me and my daughter alone her dad isn't in the picture but his mom will watch her some times when i can't afford a room so she isn't aleeping in the truck with me all the time if you could please help with anything it would be greatly appreciated my cash app is $nicoleash52 my google pay is my facebook pay is hopefully i can wake up to three accounts being full, in Fort Worth United States
Serve your Goddess
You should want to help your Goddess. Your sole purpose in life is to serve gorgeous Goddesses. You may get my attention and some hot treats to make u sweat and quiver. in New York United States
Help me get a new car
Hey hey, I'm currently driving a 2013 dodge journey with a bent hydraulic lifter and rocker arm. You wouldn't want your queen breaking down on the side of the road do you? in Raleigh United States
Desperate for University Funds
I'm a 21 year old university student who is home due to social distancing. I usually work in the restaurant industry, but my restaurant shut down. If you are able to contribute to my campaign, I will be forever indebted to you. in Los Angeles United States
Help me take a fun sexy trip to somewhere tropical
I’m a young and beautiful girl wanting to see the world and let the world see my beauty as well. I love traveling but I can’t afford to travel as much as I want to. I need your help to fund my trip to somewhere tropical for my birthday in May. in United States
Trying to pay off my credit cards
I maxed out my credit cards at Christmas time, and I just haven't been able to get them paid off. It seems like every time I get one paid down slightly, some major life emergency happens and I end up using the available credit. in Atlanta United States
Trying to pay off my credit cards
I maxed out my credit cards at Christmas time, and I just haven't been able to get them paid off. It seems like every time I get one paid down slightly, some major life emergency happens and I end up using the available credit. in Atlanta United States
Help this sweet baby out😘
Currently trying to pay school loans, can't graduate and work until I pay my schooling off.. 😭 in St. Louis United States
college fund
please help me :(( currently paying for my own in United States
Nursing school
Young hard working girl who just finished their college general ed and got a mmmm got accepted into the nursing program but need a little help! Cash app me $Aliceworth and I’ll send you a surprise ;) in Los Angeles United States
Help Me get out of Debt
my life has been in shambles and i need a helping heart to help me out of this debt. with the money, I will be able to pay off cc debt and other things that need my attention. as a uber driver, I am just not making ends meet in United States
Housing Situation
Hi! I'm Ari and I recently got kicked out of my mom's house after losing my job because of the corvid-19 virus. I was a waitress at a small diner near me and they ended up shutting down due to the pandemic. My mother refuses to let me in the house to retrieve my belongings, so I have nothing to my name, I can't access any of my clothing or anything of the sorts. I'm currently staying at my friend's house but I don't wanna mouch off her forever. I don't mind sending content in return for your donations, I can be contacted on kik with the username realkuromi. in Hamden United States
Almost have enough to get Big juicy DD boobs 🤤💦
I’m here to be whatever it is u want me to be! As long as you take care of me babe! Looking to get bigger boobs to boost my confidence! CashApp : $bunibella . I’ll be waiting handsome 🥰😘 in United States
Kitten wants a Nintendo switch
Because I spend all my money on uni and rent every month I don't have enough money to buy stuff like a switch. I just want to have a little something rn especially because of the Corona virus situation here in Germany. I might not be able to go out for the next few weeks or months, so I'd love to be able to have a switch in Cologne United States
Help me celebrate my 21st (:
Pls 🥺👉🏻👈🏻 in Chicago United States
Help me get my new home!
I’m a sweet and somewhat sassy girl and all I want is to be able to put a down payment on my home so I can continue taking some nsfw content. It sucks living in an apartment with neighbors since I’m restricted to what I can do so help a baby out😘 in United States
Nursing School
I’m in nursing school and just lost my part time job need to pay for gas and supplies:( in United States
Modeling Career
I’ve been modeling for almost a year and it’s going great! But I need more outfits! in Austin United States
Wanting to get my Hair Done
This sounds silly....and silly it may be, it is true. I can't recall the last time I actually went and had my hair professionally done. I generally grab a $3 box of hair dye from Wal-Mart and do it myself. It never looks as good as when a professional does it. But, my appearance and wants are on the back burner...and have been for awhile...since having children. I went through depression and maybe I never really got back on my feet, back on the feel good about myself wagon. So, I guess it's about time I do that. Every time I tell myself I am going to set money aside to get my hair done....I never follow through with it. So, if you are feeling friendly and would like to donate to my cause...Id appreciate it. I will pay it forward to someone else one day. Thank you for your time. in Indiana Girl In An Indiana Town United States
Sugar for the princess
I need new shoes maybe jimmy choo or louboutin in United States
New shoes
Those pair of jimmy chop shoes in United States
Help me get new clothes
Hi this sounds materialistic I know lol. But I don’t have much clothes and the ones i do have, have holes in them. If you could donate, anything would help so I can get some clothes to wear that don’t have holes. Thank you in Pensacola United States
Pay this baby’s negative fees
After being out of work for a month I am currently negative 1k. I would appreciate any help given and I would love to surprise those who help to a couple photos/a video. Cashapp: $melodybby To message me: : user melodybby in Vancouver United States
Donate and you won’t regret it 😋
Hey daddy😘 I’m trying to go on vacation soon and need your help! Whatever you want i can help you out😉 If you donate i’ll give you my premium snapchat and somthing else 🤪🤩 in Milwaukee United States
Donate and you won’t regret it 😋
Hey daddy😘 I’m trying to go on vacation soon and need your help! Whatever you want i can help you out😉 If you donate i’ll give you my premium snapchat and someone else 🤪🤩 in Milwaukee United States
Help me save up a trip!! 😛😛
Hey babes, I could really use your help! I’ve been wanting to travel for so long but don’t have the money to take off work! Please help me, i promise i deserve it 🥺🤪🤪🤪 Also, you won’t regret it 😉😉😉😉 in Milwaukee United States
Help me move to my own apartment 💕
Anyone who contributes can email my personal email for link to my premium Snapchat 🌸✨ in United States
new lingerie
trying to create a fund to buy myself new undies ;) in United States
Camgirl funding
I'm trying to buy a new computer so I can go back to school and being a camgirl in United States
My name is rose. I am trying to raise money to help me get back in school! I am helping support my younger brother through his last year of highschool and that is a lot because he doesn’t know I am paying for all of his fees. I am 22 I moved back into my mother home after my grandfather died I was his sole caretaker and after he passed my uncle refused to pay me what I was owed! I am working on getting me a new car and I am almost at my goal! Only 2000 left! I am willing to do anything I need to! in Poplarville United States
For to pay for a trip
I need 2000 to pay for trip to flordia been want to go there with my sister my sister birthday is coming up I think it would be good she deserves a vacation she works hard and does alot of things for me she been wanting to go but doesnt have enuff money saved and i dont get paid that much I work below part time as grocery clerk in Takoma Park United States
I want to by car
I need money to buy car so I can beable to go places with out having to ask people to take me there and I have no job and want to beable to have my own car to be more indpendent . in Takoma Park United States
(Very) Broke student in need of some help
Hi! I'm Naomi and you can read some thing about me on my profile. I currently live in Amsterdam because that's where I study. It's a very expensive place to live for even the smallest apartment and because I'm so busy with school I don't have any time to work, so I have to get money from the government to help me get around. This amount is only enough to cover half of my rent and that is without any other bills included. It's insane to me that I have to pay soooo much money in order to go to school to do something that I love (nursing and midwife) and something like this just seems like the only way to help me. in Amsterdam United States
Need my toy back!
It was a present under the New year tree.....Samsung a70 Mum and dad took a credit to buy this telephone for me. How happy I was!!!.. but not at once) I dreamt and still dream about iPhone Not the latest one.. I like iPhone X! Well, I was thankful as I needed telephone which works better than my samsung S3... A week ago I was on a bday party... my parents still don’t know that last Saturday my telephone was stolen from my bag.. as well as my favourite Parfum „giorgio Armani“-„si“( it was almost over but still...((((( And my wallet with small but money (about600 grivnas) I don’t want to dissapoint my parents... help me !!!please !!! Help me to buy the same model in the quickest time... so that they will never know that their present was stolen.... Please! in Smila United States
new Vehicle
My vehicle isn’t big enough for my 4 children. I’m a disabled mom and can’t work and can’t get approved for disability. I have autism spectrum disorder and fibromyalgia. Please help me buy a mini van for my kids. in Marlette United States
Two is always better
Me and my beautiful girlfriend have ran into some financial hardship. We really need to get an apartment and need help with the security. Anything helps and we give gifts in return :) we believe in good karma in Putnam Valley United States
Help with medical bills
I’m 18 years old and I’ve been struggling with my job and I think they fired me without saying anything.. I’ve got over $2,000 in medical fees from when I got sent to the hospital and a speeding ticket from trying to go to the hospital a second time (which I ended up not going because I was too scared to drive after) in Murfreesboro United States
Help for housing/ car being fixed
I’m looking for help to get my own place and get my car fixed so I can work the two jobs I do. All the help you can give me will help me to be able to get closer to my goal of my own apartment. I been staying in my car most nights. in Morristown United States
Help Me!
I am a young college girl working 40+ hour weeks trying to make ends meet. My car is super old and I’m hoping with all your sweet and generous help i’ll be able to get a new one, this wouldn’t be possible without the amazing support you guys give, thanks and hope to hear from you;) in Coconut Creek United States
Let go from job, need to pay bills
I’m an honest and simple girl trying to get by on my own. Looking for money to keep me on my feet while I look for a new job. in Philadelphia United States
Get me a arial yoga kit
I need an Arial yoga kit because my house was recently broken into and that among a lot of other possessions of mine were stolen. This is one of my main ways to relieve back pain and work out. I would greatly appreciate anything :) in United States
For being a beautiful hot young lady
Guess what? You work so hard on making all this money, and now I’m taking it! Just like that. How does that make you feel in United States
Help Me Keep My House!
Hi, my name is Sophia. I'm 22 years old. I take care of my elderly grandmother and my father who cannot walk all while working 2 jobs and barely sleeping. This is my desperate attempt to save my house. I don't have enough time in my day to get a third job. I'm falling behind on my bills, struggling to buy us food and necessary items, and I just received a letter stating that I am going to lose my house if I cannot make a payment in the next month. That would put all 3 of us out on the streets. Please help me pay these bills. in Lapeer United States
Help me with rent
Poor Babygirl needs help paying rent this month in United States
California Trip to see LDR GF
hello! i have a gf in california and as i live in nc, it's very hard to meet up. i would greatly love if you could donate, no matter the size! if you want to see more of me, my twitter is misstrexcookie and i'll make custom videos if asked! in Raleigh United States
Pay Off My Debt
I’m a 22 year old single mother looking for a rich man to pay off my debt! Go ahead, send mommy some money 😈☺️ in United States
Mortgage help
Have two kids, became a single mom not to long ago desperate need of help in United States
For a new puppy
My dog recently died and I’ve been looking to get a little Maltese puppy. I miss my dog a lot and Maltese dogs look just like her. I’d really appreciate being able to get a new puppy in East Palestine United States
18th birthday gift
Give me a fresh start to life and help me move. in East Palestine United States
Pay off credit card debt:)
Young college student, credit card debt from textbooks, lecture material & loans:( in United States
Text books
Along with struggling to get a laptop back I’ve been going through my semester without textbooks , I’m really trying but it’s stressing me out in Camden United States
A laptop for school
I’m a full time college and and someone stole my laptop 🥺 in Camden United States
Text books
I’ve gone a semester without my own text books and have done my best to keep my grade up by borrowing books from friends and using the internet. I feel I would really benefit from having my own book that I can use any time I need to. It would save a lot of stress and embarrassment in San Francisco United States
Get back on my feet
I was living with roomates and they kicked me out while i was at work. They tried to hold my stuff hostage demanding money and when i couldsnt comply they started destroying my things. I was homeless for 2 weeks sleeping in hallways and then got hotel room when i got my next check. With how expensive extended stay hotels are I need help getting back on my feet. in United States
Help me pay for college, daddy!
Daddy, I’ve recently been accepted to NYU, one of the most prestigious schools in the US, however, they haven’t given me enough financial aid to cover the costs of attending. Not only that, but how will I feed myself and treat myself if college is draining all of my money? This fund will help me pay for college and the basic price of living in New York! Cashapp: $francescarc in Stamford United States
For travel around world
I am all my life working in a Factory,never can go out,and is my dream.Maybe can do that one day,and maybe can visit you. in United States
I just need a $100 for the rest of my rent pretty please in United States
Breast augmentation
I been wanting my breast done since the age of 16, can we please make this dream come true. in New Jersey United States
Cosmetic surgery
Hi, I need to have some dental work done and since it’s cosmetic my insurance won’t cover!!!! So maybe you can find it in your generous heart to help a girl out 😘 in Dallas United States
Valentine's nails
I need my nails done for Valentine's day 😟. I've lost so many crystals and they look awful. There's no way I can go to a formal restaurant with hands like this! Please help! in Dallas United States
5’8 goddess here looking to get big beautiful breasts to smother a lucky boy with. Currently at a B but let’s get these bad boys to a DD with the best of the best certified surgeons. in United States
Semester payments
Hey! I’m studying economics and I need help paying the last bit of my semester in Austin United States
New bras!
I am out growing all my D32 bras ! I need new ones asap!! in United States
iPhone 11 Pro
Because of an injury from a car accident last year, I was unable to work for a few months. On the plus side, I was forced to pay more attention to my passion, but on the minus side, I haven't been able to afford the thing that will help me get to the next level. My professional and creative progress depends heavily on upgrading my phone. A lot of promoting, posting, picture taking, etc. is involved, and my current phone situation completely removes any of that from the equation. As of now I have a cracked iPhone 7 with no service and an Android "Coolpad" whatever the hell that is. in Atlanta United States
Need new tires!
My tires are gonna get me killed !! Need new ones bad !! in United States
I am looking for a bit of sob story as I work very hard. life happens and sometimes we cant keep up. :) i have a project that is right at the tail end of being finished and we are outta cash!!!! I have paid for every penny as I don’t want to get in debt for this. So if anyone out there would love to give me a hand up I would forever be great full. :) in Sacramento United States
Business expansion :)
I am looking for a bit of sob story as I work very hard. life happens and sometimes we cant keep up. :) i have a project that is right at the tail end of being finished and we are outta cash!!!! I have paid for every penny as I don’t want to get in debt for this. So if anyone out there would love to give me a hand up I would forever be great full. :) in Sacramento United States
Helo me
I need all money I can get help me pelase! in United States
Help please !
My ex burnt all my stuff !! I need new every thing!! in United States
Beautiful Sultrist New Car
I am a hardworking, loving, beautiful girl who unfortunately doesn't make enough to purchase a new vehicle. I am in serious need of a cost efficient vehicle to get me to and from work, my commute in mileage is just over 70 miles per day. in Houston United States
I Need A Human ATM
I Need To Control And Be Spoiled 💋 in United States
Help me smile again
I can't afford dental insurance. So my smile has gone bad hence why I never smile anymore. I just want to be able to smile around people without them thinking I'm into drugs. which I'm not. in United States
Elvira photoshoot
I'm trying to find an elvira photoshoot. I will make it worth while if you could please donate. I am a alot model/cosplayer findomme. in Melbourne United States
Move to Texas bigger and better
Help a beautiful lady grow and develop a successful future in Texas where business thrives 👑 in United States
Please help me pay for my college classes. I’m just trying to gain an education so I can do something with my life. Anything helps :) in United States
Down Payment For A House
So,I'm a single mother of four living paycheck to paycheck, seven years ago my husband of ten years and father of my two oldest left me to be GAY!!!My two youngest father walked out in the middle of the night sept.28th2018.... I'm not asking anyone to feel sorry I just need help,my current apartment I'm getting evicted from because I'm sturggling to keep everything a float on my own...I work really hard but lately the harder I work just seems like its all for nothing! My credit isnt too great but I would like to buy a house so my kids and I can have stability.I have a culinary degree and would love to open my own place one day! If I could have someone pay it forward for me so that I would be able to help someone someday by paying it forward to them!!! I have a huge heart and help anyone I can when I can but then it turns around to bite me in the end because they do me wrong but no matter I believe If you do good , good will come back so if your reading this and could possibly help in any way i would be so greatful in United States
my whole life I've been unable to travel. I've finally found freedom only to be blocked by the financial aspect. Help me experience what the world has to offer by donating to my crowdfunding campaign. I'm looking to plan an extended trip in which I'll visit many countries, but this intention is quite a pricey one! in United States
My own sex toy collection
I have been single for a while now and work long hours so find it tricky meeting new people so I would love to start my own sex toy collection (after realising that I dont own a single one!). I love the idea of strangers basically buying these toys for me! Am happy to share photos of me playing with my new toys! 😉 in United States
Hey yall a bitch could really use some money to pay for my taxes. in Chicago United States
New Apartment
I have had a HARD year or three, break ups, leaving jobs for mental reasons and to avoid drugs that I didn't need to be around, I was able to uproot myself and move from KS to FL but now it's time to get OUT of my grandparents house and into my own! Please HELP <3 in United States
Disabled and Desperate!
Hello everyone, my name is Didi and I'm struggling to pay my medical bills... I have an incurable illness called POTS which effects my everyday life. Some of my symptoms include pre-syncope, fainting spells, constant dizziness, memory loss, and so much more. I am disabled and desperate for some help. I'd even be willing to sell feet and lingerie pictures and videos. I just need help... in Chicago United States
Show your support for kink
Show your support for safe, sane, consensual kink by wearing one these shirts at the website of bonfire dot com slash kinksters-unite in Swanville United States
Wisdom teeth removal
I really need my wisdom teeth removed because the pain is really bad. Anyone who helps i would like to thank you. I got kicked out of my house on my 18th and can barely afford my rent. So please help me if you can. in United States
25th Birthday Trip
Im turning 25 in March & currently travelling across the U.S. making my way to Las Vegas. Right now Im in Dallas, about 1,000 miles away from the City of Sin & I can practically feel it on my skin! Help me raise some money to finish making it there & to spend when I do make it there ofcourse!! in Dallas United States
Help me create my MODELING EMPIRE!
I am just finishing my Master's degree and and flew back to the US from Ireland to take care of my mom who went into hospice and sadly she passed away just a couple months ago. I decided when she died that I was going to live my life as best I could and I decided to start building my own Modeling Empire =) I started a business at the beginning of the year and opened a modeling agency website that focuses on proportion rather than waist size. Id rather see a healthy big girl who is proportioned right than a size neg 0 who looks like wind will knock her over. I did professional modeling for years so I am very well aware of what turns people on ;) Honestly, I think I am giving the best of both worlds. Women can empower themselves without having to act like a crazy feminist and use their bodies the way THEY want to and I am giving men whatever fantasy they want while encouraging better beauty standards. What could be better than that?!?!?! I am halfway to my goal. I have the websites and servers already up and going and the mobile app is currently in development. I just need to raise the rest of the money to pay the developers and the first weeks of advertising the new sites to get them out there. So, .......... * Bats her gorgeous green eyes*.... Would you donate to an amazing cause?? *Wink* hehehe Part of the money received from this crowd funding website will be going to the June E. Nylon Cancer Center in Iowa where my mother passed away from her fight with cancer. My mother was a model when she was younger and loved it until the pressure of size was too much for her. I just thought it would be nice to honor her memory and carry on something that she loved doing. I hope you like my business plan and are able to contribute something to it! Thanks so much! Jenna in New York City United States
Buy me lingerie, see me in it ;)
I need $$$$ for makeup, clothes, lingerie, and rent. Send me money and get some pics ;) in United States
I pray for one of my wishes to be answered..something has gotta give
Im wild outgoing spontaneous but im in diar need for a miracle.. Im one of the most giving, loyal, compassionate people..but i swear I've always given a helping hand but when I'm struggling no one around...i need a miracle my car keeps breaking down after i learned how to install a clutch took forever ..i need funds to get myself out of situation where im always just slaving for someone else while my needs aren't being met and im stuck stagnant not going anywhere i deserve to be free. I pray that doors eventually open for me i deserve good things in Portland United States
Money Emergency for Food and Rent
Going thru a little rough patch. Anxiety can mess up one's life. Help me finish this month with a roof over my head and food on the table. Thanks! in Spring, Texas United States
Help pay off my Debt
I left my abusive (now ex) husband, yay! In the process I accumulated a decent amount of debt, between legal fees and moving expenses to get me and my girls away from him, not so yay :( in United States
I fucking love money! in Johnson City United States
Transportation to school
I am currently in college but I take a 2hour and 45minute bus commute ONE WAY. College is hard enough on my brain, let alone taking round trips on the bus everyday. PLEASE HELP ME. in Fort Myers United States
Help me get makeup!!
I want to look better and I can't afford any Jeffree Star. in United States
Transsexual Surgery Fund
Hi my name is Jazzy, ever since i can remember i have felt like a girl on the inside. I feel incomplete in my transition and the costs for surgery are expensive for a college student. Im looking to make myself whole, to be my authentic self. Please help me make my dreams a reality. in Santa Rosa United States
I got scammed by a fake sugar daddy now I’m in debt with the 🏦
I was trying to be a sugar baby and got scammed now I owe the bank 2,000 for trusting the wrong person but I learned the hard way in United States
Macbook for College
I'm an orphan with nothing to show but a pretty face. I work two jobs on top of being a full-time college student. in Burlington United States
I’m just a girl who needs help paying for school! Any help is highly appreciated 🥺 in United States
tooth recently broke and hospital bills
Well I moved out of my adoptive parents home at 17 but they passed so I don't have family to help. My work place keeps closing due to snow storms so I haven't been able to work for 2 weeks and the apartment I was supposed to move into in two weeks caught on fire . I keep getting sick but I don't have enough money to go into the doctor to refill my prescriptions so I just need help before I buckle under this stress in United States
Credit Card Bill
I am a fulltime student who also works part time. I am working towards paying off my credit card debt while getting good grades at school but it is difficult to work enough hours while also maintaining good grades. If I can get any help towards this goal I would be very grateful. in United States
Looking for a filthy pig to spoil me
Spoil me in Dallas United States
New car
I work hard with schoool & work I deserve it ✨ in Los Angeles United States
I need & want to get financially, physically, & emotionally stable. So I can have nicer & better things. Also to achieve my goals. in Addison United States
Divorcing this asshole
I’ve been trying to divorce and be back on the market! Help me! in El Monte United States
Car Starter + Labor
Hey big boy 💕 I’m on leave at work due to my starter messing up and would love some help fixing that. Need a car to make money so I won’t have to bother you again 🥺 a favor for a favor? in Manhattan United States
Miami Breast Augmentation
A sweet young woman that is ambitious & loving. My whole life I have been dreaming about getting a breast augmentation to help boost my confidence. I’ve done it all from push up bras to stuffing my bra. If only I could have the money to get the surgery it will make me the happiest woman in the world and I would break down in tears honestly . I have a small waist and a big bum but the only thing holding me back in the bedroom is my small B cup boobs. Please help me become a graceful bimbo in Los Angeles United States
Help Pay My Loans
I need help paying my school debts so I can continue my education and complete my degrees to become a child psychologist. in Riverside United States
Hey guys 😘😘😘❤️❤️❤️Nica/ Egyptian baddie here in YONKERS looking for generous up scale men who like an intellectual bad girl with bad girl ways.. Im a natural beauty standing at 5'6, curvy, soft smooth golden caramel skin complexion with a smile that will blow your mind! 😘 in United States
Help me through nursing school
Invest in me, help me through my education in nursing school. I need your support otherwise I will never be able to fulfil my dreams and aspirations. You are the only one that can help me in United States
Goddess Needs a new car
It's pretty self exploratory. Mommy needs a new car because her's is shit, and I deserve it. in United States
I've lost weight and have extra skin I'd love to have removed and a few minor things "fixed" while I'm at it that insurance doesn't cover. I just want to look better with less clothes on... in United States
Show me the $
The engine in my car went out and I'm in desperate need of a new vehicle ASAP. I'm not able to get to work now and my job isn't on the bus line. I need a generous stroke of LUCK like right now. in Cleveland United States
Help me clear my international student fees!!
I am a hardworker and always have at least 3 jobs, despite a looming lot of deadlines of my international MsC. degree. My lovely parents spent all their money on themselves andU wish I has a Fairy God daDDY tohelp me blossom into the wild and precocious wildfire I was always meant to dazzle as. I want to be the 2nd doctor in mt family but I cann0t even afford MSC. ..PLEASE LET ME GRACE YOUR SCREENS SOON AS YOUR SUPER 14 CONCUSSION SPECIALIST. in Cape Town United States
I have been trying to open up my own skincare line for what seems like ages. I'm almost there I just need one of you big hearted hunks to help support my dreams. in United States
I like nice things, so hand me your wallet
I want to get my first mani pedi & share the experience with a friend on your dollar. in Brisbane United States
Help pay my rent
Financially going thru some hard times could really use the money im going to lose my spot if i dont pay it by the end of the month and dont want to do that i dont have any family members to help me please help me! in United States
Let me control you and your wallet
Help me buy the things I want. in Kansas United States
I want my nails done
I just want to look even better for you. Think of how good they’d look on me touching everything. Wrapped around whatever I may grab of yours lol in Jacksonville United States
Savings account
I am currently striving to build a cushioned savings account so that I may attend college, buy a more reliable vehicle and overall have a higher quality of life :) help a girl out please and thankyou! in Calgary United States
I want bigger Boobs!
Always wanted my boobs to be even more perfect, lucky you to be able to fund them ;) in United States
Please help me quit my 9-5 to pursue my passion
I'm not like the typical girls you see on here. I am an artist, entrepreneur and intelligent enough to provide value in a conversation. As a freelancer, it is hard to build a steady income and create at the same time. I want to be able to quit my job in order to pursue my passion, but every time that I did in the past, I had to go right back to work in order to put a roof over my head. I am not looking to be spoiled with gifts or pampered. I am looking for a genuine connection with someone who is willing to invest in me so that I can invest in my career. in New York United States
I get by with a lil help from my friends
All of my life I've been a fighter, a survivor and in my opinion a force to be reckoned with mentally, intellectually, spiritually, etc. My stubbornness and willful nature can make or break me at times. All the craziness I've endured has shown me that the world can be a sad sick and sadistic place but i will never accept that fate or defeat as my own. I want to experience all the lovely things life has to offer but I've been too afraid to check anything out. I wish i could feel free at ease curious and supporyed. i want to be happy and be able to be me/myself. I hope for self love, self care and self confidence for myself and want to be proud of myself and my self improvement. i want to do better, be better, get better, and feel better. someday I hope to succeed in surviving and thriving self sufficiently and doing so in a graceful gracious grateful way. I am proud to say that no matter what I never succumbed to life's demands or craziness. i always persevere outshine, and overcome. I want to keep on keeping on trying to feel "grounded", content and at ease. It's important to always be down to earth and and to be grateful no matter what... Cuz even though I've been to hell and back I never have and never would want my life to end or to surrender my sense of self or self worth. The truth can set you free... Funding would set me free... From captors that are keeping me from me. in Seattle United States
New ride/ new titties
I am an independent woman who is always on the go. I have many clients, business opportunities and personal engagements everyday and am unable to take public transportation to these events. My reputation and appearance are very important and require a level of remain the QUEEN that I am. titties are something new that I am desiring. I want more fullness, but do not want to look like a fake girl. I want to remain authentic and keep almost everything natural! ;-) As with your reputation and image......anonyumity and discretion are of the utmost importance. I will NEVER reveal your sick little needs and I expect you to help me without complaint or any verbage really whatsoever. in United States
Make me the happiest girl in the world
It’s my birthday soon and i would love if y’all donated because it would make my heart dwell 🥰 in New York United States
Hello pay momma's rent
I'm a single mom of two kids I get no child support. I do it all on my own. but Christmas broke me so now I'm short on rent in United States
Obtaining Them DDreams I really DDesire.
Hey babes, Thanks for clicking on my link and showing me some love. The main goal of this crowdfunding page is for me to obtain those DDreams I’ve been wanting so bad!! When I say “DDreams”, I mostly just mean some nice perky fat double D’s. :) I’m not going to give a major sob story or tell you my life story on why I want the surgery done. I will tell you THIS, I promise you wont regret helping !! Most of you already know but I’m a Mommy , student and (sadly) can’t make the dream reachable just yet!! So, looking for some extra help!! Every bit of help is so appreciated and to say thank you make sure once you donate to send me a kik @iberiangoddess with a screenshot of your donation —- this will land you a VERY special surprise!! Remember!! Find me on twitter, hepays & teasefun @ iberiangoddess Xoxoxox in Riverside United States
Help me get through uni
I’m wishing to finish my third year at uni ❤️ in Cambridge United States
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