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Posted By: MissSmith87 posted in:
United Kingdom · 4 months ago
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Had a tough year and just want to be able to afford to treat myself for once :)
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I’ve been recently evicted from my apartment and sex work sadly isn’t paying the bills anymore, I’ve lost a lot of loyal subs and subscribers for my content. Really stuck in a rut at the moment, living with my parents but not in an ideal environment at all. This money will be used to pay the deposit for a studio apartment I’m interested in. If you donate, thank you ever so much! in Newcastle Upon Tyne United Kingdom
Boob Job
let's turn these A/B's on a good day into DD's. in United Kingdom
Help me pay for my trip to LA
Hi boys, I’m in my first year at university and only earn a few hundred a month even though I work 20 hours a week as well as studying :( my family is going to LA in April and have told me I have to pay myself but I can’t physically earn that kind of money :( I need a daddy to help me fund my way through until then. Any money is appreciated, even if I have to persuade you... in United Kingdom
Lavish lifestyle
Help me have the fund to meet my expensive lifestyle choices& Make me one happy girl, don’t forget donations get rewards! £££saf - cashapp if you want to drop me a tip x in United Kingdom
Aesthetic procedures
Hey baby I need some money to get my breasts lifted and my belly shrunk. I love my body it's so sexy but wouldn't it just be even more sexy if I was a little smaller round the waist and a little plumper round the chest. I love caring for my body and this would be a huge investment for myself and in my looks. Any small investment in me would be hugely appreciated and if you want to message me for more details please do. I am friendly and love a good chat ;) in United Kingdom
uk study fees
hello i am a single black young lady from Namibia with a dream of attending and completing my education in UK with the Northumbria University - Newcastle Campus . i really need help funding my education since i am the eldest of 4 siblings and the only one that needs to go to university now in order for me to get a good education and receive a good job that will enable me to help my family out of poverty i am a very hard working young woman who is able to excel in school if given the opportunity . please help me fulfill my dream and become someone in life . in Windhoek Noord United Kingdom
hey guys my landlord is selling the property and have to find new place to move need help with expenses like uhaul deposit paint and etc...thank u for your help in Los Angeles United Kingdom
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