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Posted By: desertdomme posted in:
· 1 year ago
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I’m a film student and a large part of what I do involved Mac software. Buy me a new laptop so I can be the best at what I do.
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Get me mobile again!
I am in need of a car! Help a girl out just cause you know sending me the $$ will get me off. in United States
Help me get my one-year old daughter and i out of a domestic violence shelter
My one-year old daughter and I are being hunted and I'm trying to get out of this domestic violence shelter. in United States
My birthday
Had a crappy year and would love to have a massive celebration for my birthday ❤ in Uk United Kingdom
Just for funsies ;)
Had a tough year and just want to be able to afford to treat myself for once :) in
To help me get a new camera for filming ;)
I want to get a new camera to film myself for you dirty little pigs;) in Santa Rosa
Buy me food
if you donate to me I might send you a video of me eating in Toronto Canada
I'm a single mom of 2 girls ages 3 and 6, I just got let go from my job due to slow business -_- Christmas is right around the corner. That's just my luck.... if anything this is isnt hurting anything so why not post this. Any help would be appreciated more than you think. Thanks. in United States
Brand new textbooks for school :(
I need to buy brand new school textbooks, donate to help my sweet little ass out :) in
I need to pay some bills
Please I would be glad if anyone could help me in settling my bills ... in
spoilme katie
I want to feel like a princess and I would love to find a man who wants to spoil me with lots of money $$$$$$$$$$$$ in New Zealand
Sexy Cover Model Of The Year
Hey loves! I need your help! I’m a single mother of 2 as well as a freelance model. I’m currently unemployed due to a car accident 9 months ago and have yet to find a job that’s schedule caters to my treatment from the bulging disks in my back. I’ve recently been given somewhat good news that I’ve been chosen as model of the year for a magazine I’ve been in. So I’m expected to orchestrate and pay for a super sexy photoshoot for the magazine to publish. With that being said I do not have the funds to pay for the photographer, make up artist, outfit, studio time etc. in United States
Help Me Get Outta Here!!!
I’ve recently got out of a toxic and very abusive relationship!!! I’m ready to start my life over, so I’m raising money to be able to move back home where I can be closer to family. What I raise will enable me to get a plane ticket and also put money down for place once I get there. in Richmond United States
I am currently struggling to pay my rent I have a son and I don’t want to end up on homeless in United States
Overworked Nurse and Milf
Hello all! I am a fun and flirty Nurse that works full time hours but still needs more cash so that I may move from the crappy house I am in into my first home. As well as I would love to put my ADHD son into sports but haven't been able to at that time due to budget and the other kids in the house. I have always been the nurturer and always will be, but isn't it my turn to be spoiled and have someone take care of me? All donations matter and are appreciated! in
Pay for my Vegas trip!
First time going to sin city. Pay for me to get trashed and have a blast! in Austin United States
Two Domme Besties Try to Meet Up
I’ve been best friends with this woman for almost 8 years. We’re dying to finally meet. I’ve got vacation time coming up in August and want to drive to meet her. This is to cover my fuel and the hotel for my week long stay. in A City United States
This a platform try to raised fund for the orphan around and within , your donation really count and you get the privilege to also be carried along as it all goes in New Jersey United States
Studio time!
Trying to create some music to my recent songs and need to hire a producer and rent out a studio! Would love to create an EP before the year ends <3 in Los Angeles United States
Studio time!
Trying to create some music to my recent songs and need to hire a producer and rent out a studio! Would love to create an EP before the year ends <3 in Los Angeles United States
I want my nails and feet done
Don’t you wanna see my pretty hands and feet in Charlotte United States
Help paying rent
Please help I have no one to go to I’m Desperate in Charlotte United States
College funds
I would like this money to help with my college tuition and anything would help for me and my family in United States
Gardening in my short shorts and pretty sandals.
I'm knee deep in soil and flowers and I need new sandals to frame my pretty toes. I'd love some girly ones to wear with my short shorts and vest top when I'm in the sun gardening. There's a thought - I should get a bikini, all the neighbours will be twitching at their windows. Will you help an innocent girl next door get a beautiful new outfit, fit for summer and flirting 💋 Donate and I'll send a free pic of me enjoying my new style 😘 in Leicestershire United Kingdom
spoil me ;)
it will be worth it in
Want to get new nails
I just want to get new nails. in Stockholm Sweden
Girls weekend shopping spree!
I will be on a girls weekend with a few of my besties. I want my shopping completely sub funded. After all, it is YOUR job to pay for anything I want. in Morton United States
Studio time!
Trying to put all of my lyrics I have worked so hard on to good use, and ultimately produce an album! Just need to be able to fund that project while also paying my bills and rent every month! Anything helps <3 in Los Angeles United States
Fund my rent expenses
IAM an American student and my tuition fees are really high . Please help me at least with the rent . I would be more than grateful in Berlin United States
Tribute to your Goddess
Give me a tribute that I deserve, make me happy and fulfill my desires. This goddess deserves the best of this world, and you will make that happen in Los Angeles United States
I need help I’m having financial problems in Augusta United States
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Help me pay my rent
I have been robbed by some lowlife scumbag and now have no money for my rent! i have 3 kids and a dog and I don't want to be homeless with them or worse, lose them! Please please pretty please help me? I'll be your friend forever!! in United States
You give, I give
I need help getting by, Show me how much you want to help me in Palm Springs United States
My level 2 accountancy course
I am looking to build a career becoming an accountant. I’ve just passed level 1 but can not afford to purchase level 2. I would be greatful for any contribtions towards it. in United Kingdom
Pay for My Medi/Pedi
I need a spa day! Donate so I can get my feet massaged and my toes and nails painted. Help me relax this weekend. in Atlanta United States
Fund My Trip to Japan
It's always been my dream to vacation in Japan. I'm a bit of an otaku and would love anyone who can help me reach my goal! I'll happily spoil you with pictures of my adventure there. in Atlanta United States
Fund My Trip to Japan
It's always been my dream to vacation in Japan. I'm a bit of an otaku and would love anyone who can help me reach my goal! I'll happily spoil you with pictures of my adventure there. in Atlanta United States
Buy me a car please
Its my first car :) in Australia
Spoil me and obey
Single goddess of two. Looking for a loyal and obedient paypig to make me happy and I make them happy in return. Send tributes for me to notice you and maybe be my paypig/slave. in Tampa United States
Need gas and groceries!!
This hot queen has been taking time off work recently and is in desperate need!🖤🖤 in Inwood United States


So i want to be able to buy my own apartment, but for now, I still need to pay the rent dear, so here I need you to do it instead of me. in Ljubljana
No one ever yet spoiled me, so i need finally a real man to spoil me in all ways. in Ljubljana
domain name for website
I want to be able to set up my own free web cam site but I need a domain name- that's where you come in! hurry and you can see me online sooner! in United States
Need a new gaming computer
Hello dears. I need a new gaming computer. I'm a streamer that's trying to make it big, but my current computer is well a potato. I work a lot of demanding hours, but can't seem to get a head. Why don't you help this little ole gal out and make her birthday wish this year come true. It's coming up. in Fairmont United States
Money for my own apartment
Because I’m a dominating sexy 21 year old who wants freedom to live on her own so I can do whatever I want hehe in Carbondale United States
uk study fees
hello i am a single black young lady from Namibia with a dream of attending and completing my education in UK with the Northumbria University - Newcastle Campus . i really need help funding my education since i am the eldest of 4 siblings and the only one that needs to go to university now in order for me to get a good education and receive a good job that will enable me to help my family out of poverty i am a very hard working young woman who is able to excel in school if given the opportunity . please help me fulfill my dream and become someone in life . in Windhoek Noord United Kingdom
Need spoiling
I'm 21, sweet and loving . I can be all yours with a little donation. I'm beautiful and I'll share my beauty with you. Just donate and we have a deal. in Nj United States
Paying for school
I'm a college student and I need help paying for school. Working don't help so I'm looking for lovely people to help fund my school. in Nj United States
Spoil Me
You know it makes you feel good draining your wallet into my bank account. What are you waiting for? in Crescent City United States
Repair my cracked phone screen
My phone screen was damaged while at work in Crescent City United States
I'm hoping you fine men can help me raise some Money to support me. I am inspiring to be an Adult Model and I think I have what it takes to become one. All I ask is that you contribute as little as you can and help me reach my goal. in United States
Paying off the rest of much medical debt
I’m in medical debt from life-saving heart surgery in United States
Breast Augmentation
I want to get my boobs done with Fat Transfer in Chisinau Moldova
Fund My Weekend Vacay
I want you piggies to pay for my weekend relaxation until 20th Dec in Chisinau Moldova
New Car for my Birthday
I want a new car for my Birthday, a brand new Mercedes-Benz ML in Chisinau Moldova
Need to move to a new house
. in
Christmas Money
Everyone who gives $5 or more gets a special gift from me in United States
Life is short live it,life without you my friends is sorrowfull but due to deciding to help me will bring grory to God and you. in NAKURU Kenya
Want a Brazilian butt lift
I have a flat butt, I want to be able to have confidence in myself. in United States
Friday Night Play Money
Please contribute to my Friday night fun! It would be greatly appreciated! This mama needs some fun. in Portland United States
Oh, just spoil me, already!
I know you'd love to help pay my bills and let me buy myself lavish things. You get to feel powerful and in control because you're paying for everything I do and I get to feel powerful and in control because I'm using you for money. It's a win - win! in Portland United States
Sovereign Queen Of Eternity
You Filthy Bastards you Want Me To Like You Give Me some Money & Buy Me Some Presents #YannahSahkeyah in China
Giving is the best feeling
I like spending other peoples money in Germany
All new clothes
You know you want to pamper me in Snellville United States
Bc you love to spoil me
Im a good girl & I deserve it in Texas United States
For Birthday Presents
Hello, there! Thank you for stopping by. I would like to start my campaign by whining profusely. The anniversary of the day of my birth starts at midnight. There are a couple of things I want this year. I won't be getting them because of a financially crappy year. It's going to be a quiet birthday. I'd rather it not be. I wanna kick it up from a zero to a 10. I deserve a damn good birthday. I wanna play, be stupid, get a tattoo, NOT WORRY ABOUT PAYING BILLS, buy a fancy purse, get waxed or just get out and get drunk. I wanna play (whining again. Stomping on the ground whining. This is serious business). Your monetary help would mean the world. This is certainly nothing I need but something I really want. Help spoil me! Thank you in advance! in Portland United States
new bed comforter
really need a new bed covcer4 its getting cold now in Los Angeles United States
hey guys my landlord is selling the property and have to find new place to move need help with expenses like uhaul deposit paint and etc...thank u for your help in Los Angeles United Kingdom
inneed of financial help badly please
need all financial help i could get from all my gentleman on this website anything can help in Miramar United States
Clear my debt so I can live happy
I have so much debt that needs to be paid from this last year. I need to get rid of it so I can move on with my life happily and enjoy myself! I'm too young to be so stressed. Help me pay my debt so I can enjoy my life again! in Boston United States
A new laptop for school
I'm smart already but I want to be smarter lol donate today and maybe you will get a surprise in Snellville United States
Pay a Princess' rent
I have to pay rent next week. And I have been working but I deserve for someone else to help pay it. So send it over and help a sweet Princess out. in Las Vegas United States
Spoil me with new shoes 😘
Winter is coming, don't let my little feet freeze, sponsor me good, sexy, and comfortable shoes. You'll love making me happy. in Poland
idk, spoil me :)
. in Austria
Tough times call for desperate measures..
I have been paying on these student loans for 10 years & I am nowhere close to paying them off... in fact they are in default.. if I come up with this money I can buy them out... I’ve already paid 35k, but they Don’t care.... they want blood.. they don’t care if I eat or if I can pay my medical bills, or me electric...Please help me.. I don’t want to live on the streets again. And I’m tired of robbing Peter to pay Paul in Youngstown United States
Student loan buyout & financial assistance
I have been paying on these student loans for 10 years & I am nowhere close to paying them off... in fact they are in default.. if I come up with this money I can buy them out... I’ve already paid 35k, but the Don’t care.... they want blood.. they don’t care if I eat or if I can pay my bills. Please help me.. I don’t want to live on the streets again. in Youngstown United States
Driving liscence & Study
Its been a hard year for me loosing everything i had a house my home my job my work pasion.. my mother... my love... been trying for months to ask people in my circle but no one can help me i am all alone.. dont have much friends because i have learnt you can not trust everyone most people will promise u look or act nice but deep down in side they hurt you take from you and just leave you. It's time to get out and get higher to be financial free get my drivings liscence to be able to do more.. i hope you all will help me reach this goal so i can get started too; to recieve the happiness and freedom that we all deserve....... in Amsterdam Netherlands
just having fun as friends
I love having fun with my friends especially new friends like chilling out ,shopping, going to the beach and so on.u gonna love it ,trust me. in Nigeria
Dominant Woman who knows how to manipulate and use weak, obsessed men for My own benefit and pleasure. Most of you will have found Me elsewhere and come here just to donate. All of My pet finsubs have specific tasks (coffeeslave, footbitch, errand boy etc) and My rent is typically just paid with the leftover. But its crystal clear to anyone with a brain that any leftover 💵 from My dedicated pets should go to My savings 💰 My pets have earned the privilege to feel such joy knowing they have helped to secure My future. That means I will begenerously allowing the public to reimburse My rent ($750 a month x 12 months) 💋 you're welcome xoxo in United States
VW Transporter
I spend my summers working at various festivals and as much as I love camping, 12 weeks in a tent is a lot for anyone! Would also love to spend my winters exploring Europe with my gorgeous dog. It's for work and play ;) in Southampton United Kingdom
Nothing in particular i wanna buy. I just want you to spoil me.
I shouldn't have to spend my own money, while yours could just be spent on me. in Canada
Buy My MacBook
I’m a film student and a large part of what I do involved Mac software. Buy me a new laptop so I can be the best at what I do. in United States
New car and vacation!
I want a newer better car and to go on vacation I work way to hard . Come on and donate ! in Snellville United States
Fund new car
In need of a new car so I can get from A to B easier. This city (Berlin) is mad full and I hate being boxed in on train with these masses. in Berlin Germany
World Traveller
For the first of many trips to every corner of the world! in United Kingdom
pay for vacation to hawaii
i really want to go to hawaii. i have never been there. in Prague Czech Republic
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